Digital Navigator Program

CACCWA Digital Navigator program looks to serve Cambodian American community members along the Interstate-5 corridor (including residents of Snohomish, King, Pierce, Thurston, and Clark counties) with a particular focus on seniors, those with limited English proficiency, high school students, Medicaid recipients, and community members living at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

We focus on three areas:

1. Educational outreach to support the expansion of digital literacy and online navigation skills, including career navigation.

2. Expansion and provision of access to Internet services, and assistance with digital and online needs.

3. Distribution and accessibility of Internet-enabled digital devices.

Educational outreach to support the expansion of digital literacy and online navigation skills, including career navigation.

Workshops for Cambodian American high school students, either in-person or virtual.

These learning sessions will provide guidance on finding post-graduation options such as college, entering the workforce, and technical or trade programs; navigating the college application process; applying for scholarships and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and crafting professional resumes, cover letters, and personal statements.

Workshops for Cambodian American adults in their early career stages or those seeking to change careers.

They will receive guidance and feedback on resumes and cover letters; assistance searching and applying for jobs; creating accounts on job search engines; and interviewing etiquette and skills.

Workshops for those with limited prior experience and knowledge of digital devices and online navigation.

These workshops are targeted for adults and seniors who seek to learn the foundational basics of using a computer or smartphone, understanding how to access the services they need through these devices, and best practices for getting the most out of their devices. We recognize from prior experience that some individuals may prefer to have support on an as-needed basis rather than try to learn many new skills. These workshops will also function as a space for providing technical support and assisting with specific tasks such as enrolling in federal assistance programs, accessing medical benefits or services, and paying online bills.

Expanding and providing access to Internet services, and assisting with digital and online needs.

Assisting eligible individuals and families with enrollment in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Providing Internet subscriptions to those who absolutely cannot afford it on their own.

Creation of a phone and email hotline for community members to contact for specific assistance with technology needs. This can include downloading helpful phone apps, setting up Internet services, applying or enrolling in federal assistance programs, paying bills online, accessing medical and healthcare benefits, performing civic duties, or other similarly important tasks that may be difficult due to lack of Internet, skill, or language barriers. CACCWA Digital Navigators will assist remotely or schedule home visits, which will ultimately help seniors and less mobile individuals.

Distributing and making available digital devices for connecting to the Internet.

Purchasing and gifting laptops or tablet computers to those unable to afford one and who are in need of one for school, work, or accessing the Internet regularly. Specifically, we will provide devices to people who are living at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Purchasing laptops and installing useful software on them for community members to borrow and use as needed.

Software can include word processing programs, video and audio editing software, and other tools that may be expensive to acquire. Other equipment to be lent to community members may also include a projector and screen, disk drive, and WiFi hotspot devices.